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We have several service options to better serve YOUR NEEDS. Read below for more information and then get the party started with your free Discovery Call. 


discovery call 

No matter which design plan you choose, every process begins with a complimentary Discovery Call.
This phone call is 10-15 minutes in length and simply allows us to chat more about your needs and how we can help. Don’t feel like you have to bring every detail to us, it’s just have an informal conversation about your potential project and what you generally have in mind. We will also discuss out service offerings with you to decide which could be a fit. No obligation, no stress..

Step 1

"John McClain Design tackled my entire house, from top to bottom. My house was a cookie-cutter 1980's suburban house, with little cohesion or style. My house now has life and personality. You cannot go wrong with this team, I truly believe John McClain Design is the absolute best in the business."

"my house now has life& personality"

"John and his staff are wonderful! I hired them to refresh my last home to improve chances of selling. I got a contract on it right away. Now I’m working with John to remodel the home I hope to purchase."

"John and his staff are wonderful"

"The team at John McClain Design worked with my family on our large scale home renovation. We purchased a home that was dated but had great potential. John and his team were able to showcase the best parts of our home while also redesigning spaces to speak to us aesthetically."

"showcase the best parts of our home"

"John McClain and his entire team are hands down the best in the business. As a real estate professional myself, I have renovated countless homes. His team made the entire process from beginning to end absolutely seamless and flawless. As any renovation, the project became larger than expected and we couldn't be happier." 

" the best in the business"



our clients say it best

- 1.5 hours of time spent either in your home or the option to meet in our studio for new construction projects.
- Review of your inspirational design images.
- Review of Budget Estimate Form
- Some constructive on-the-spot design advice.
- Investment: $500

- 1 Hour of time spent virtually touring your home, answering any design questions that you might have.
- Review of your inspirational design images.
- Review of Budget Estimate Form
- Some constructive on-the-spot design advice.
- Investment: $400

virtual consultation

All consultation fees are non-refundable, but can be rescheduled with proper notice. If your project is located more 35 miles of our office (in relationship to the closest proximity to our LA or FL office respectively), additional travel fee of $75/hr could be assessed prior to consultation meeting.

in person consultation

After our Discovery Call, we mutually agree to move forward to the next step in the process: the Consultation. At this step, we really get to know more about your project and your wish list.


full-service design 


Our full-service design is just that: FULL service. We work with you on your home whether it’s a renovation, new construction, remodel, kitchen renovation, furnishings, or all of the above. This package captures any and all design elements and plans, and is catered exactly to your needs. We lead you every step of the way, from the first dream in your mind to the fluff of the last pillow-we're there. 


To ensure we have captured your design aesthetic and direction. 

Creation of project direction board

On design preferences to define your design style.


Requires: 1 ) Discovery Call 2) Consultation 
Design Scope of Work is determined at Consultation and design services investment is developed from that scope.

Full-Service design is our signature service and encompasses every aspect of your home's redesign or new home design. Working on a one-room, multiple-room, or full-home basis, we provide everything necessary to fully complete your design. Full-Service design can encompass light construction or complete renovations, including furnishings. Investment depends on the full scope of work and will be determined after your Consultation.

Full-service design

the details

We order, track, and handle all aspects of your products from approval to install. 


All products necessary to complete scope of work: including furniture,  lighting, custom wood work, drapery, flooring, etc.- anything you will need to complete your project will be specified to you for approval. 


We work alongside the General Contractor/Builder as the work on your home is underway, ensuring the design plan is properly brought to life. 

We partner with the General Contractor, but we do not manage their team (though we do ensure that they are following the design plan accordingly). The ultimate choice for the GC will be up to you, but we do have others that we have worked with for your consideration. 

We complete your design by accessorizing your home, hanging artwork, and anything else needed for that magazine ready look. 

project fulfillment

Design Fees are presented as flat rate investments beginning at $7500 and up depending on scope of work. Design Fee determined after you approve scope of work. Minimum product/furnishings investment is $20,000. Project Fulfillment is calculated as needed based on hourly fee in your agreement.

full-service design

the process


Now we dive a little deeper into your design by presenting our interpretation of your wishes to ensure we are on the right path to success for your project.

2-3 weeks



We meet with you to develop the overall design plan, discuss budget, and confirm the scope of work.

1-2 weeks


Project initiation

The design plan really starts to take shape with products, services, and drawings; culminating in a fabulous design presentations with all of the information you need to make informed decisions.

8-10 weeks


Project initiation

From construction to procurements, your project is now fully underway. Our expertise will guide you with every step and every swing of the hammer.

3 months ++ Depending on Scope of Work


Project Fulfillment

The moment has arrived; the big reveal of your completed project! But we're not finished until you are completely satisfies with the final result.


the reveal

Virtual design


In this popular design package, we serve your design needs utilizing today’s technology no matter where your home is located. This package is perfect for you if you need help with one aspect of a design or entire rooms. We use our same in-house design team to design for you, but it’s at a fraction of our full service design packages. We provide step-by-step instructions from start to finish, but you implement.


(to scale) You provide us the measurements or existing floorplans, and we create a furniture plan for your room to show placement of items, including an elevation of a feature or focal wall in the space. If you are local to one of our offices, we can arrange for in person measuring for an additional fee.

furniture plan

To meet and to review the inspiration images so that we fully understand your vision.

introductory video call

With images from our team and you. We’ll ensure a shared vision from the very beginning to make sure we are aligned with your style.

inspiration Houzz ideabook

Our Virtual Design is perfect for you if you need help with one aspect of a design or an entire room. We provide step-by-step instructions from start to finish, but you implement! Simply put, your design goals and budget are combined with our expert skills. After some detailed steps in the process, we develop a design plan that you will love and execute, and we do it all online!

virtual design service

the details


For your space so you’ll feel confident in putting it all together. No guesswork! We let you know where to place every item in the room (including any existing pieces that you want to keep).

complete set up guide

With direct links to what to purchase and where. Couldn’t be easier.

shopping list

We meet with you one-on-one via a video call and present your design plan. This plan can include furniture, decor, lighting, paint recommendations, window treatments, and inspirational images. You’ll have the opportunity for one round of revisions to the design board if needed at no additional charge. We then email the Design Board to you so that you can start the process at your own pace and on your own schedule along with:

design board

Virtual Design service

the details


After purchasing your Virtual Design package, you’ll receive an email with clear instructions on how to get started.

$3500 per room/space

Construction Package 


This package is perfect for new construction, renovations, or home additions without the need yet for furnishings. We design and develop a full construction package for you, whether it's the new home of your dreams or a redesign of your current home, we ensure every selection satisfies your family's needs for durability, beauty, and comfort. 


We carefully review your current or new home floor plans to ensure that plans are effective in achieving the goals for your family.

Floorplan review

On design preferences to define your design style.


Requires: 1 ) Discovery Call 2) Consultation 


construction package

the details

Flooring selections for all Spaces/Rooms

Lighting selections for all Spaces/Rooms


Design/Layout/Selections: Kitchen/Baths/Laundry/Other Areas

Millwork/Trim Design including custom built-ins

Countertop Selections

Tile/Hard Surface selections: Interior and Exterior

Plumbing fixture selections for all spaces/rooms

if needed, we present our expert advice on floorplan revisions for your review and then prepare documents necessary for construction to begin. This includes any exterior design recommendations.

floorplan revisions

Fees for our Construction Package are priced by the square feet of the total areas to be addressed in your home as well as the type of package you are requesting. Rates start at $5 per square foot. 

construction package

the details


Fireplace design and specifications

wallcovering and paint selections

For Building/General Contractor: This includes floorplans, elevations, & "schedules" for all relevant portions of the project.

Design construction documents

All portions of the renovation/construction are detailed in a comprehensive form and presented digitally to you and the GC/Builder.

Detailed Design boards

This allows every trade on the job site to review the plans as needed.

on site construction Project Book

review as needed for patio/pool designs

designer for a day 


We spend the day with you working on any design dilemmas that you might have. From colors, fabrics, and lighting to furniture placement, area rugs and more. It's a fun day where we knock out those design questions that have been bugging you, and you take it from there. Fun and Productive!


Lighting selections or questions

on-site or virtually as time allows  for things such as:

We answer all of your questions

We answer all of your questions on-site or virtually as time allows for things such as:

requires a discovery call

are you stuck with your home design? Maybe you started your re-do, but you're having cold feet about specific elements? Collaboration with an interior designer has never been easier. with designer for a day, you have us at your disposal to answer all your burning questions while also making recommendations. Whatever your questions are, we are all-ears and all-yours for the day to help you bring your home up to its potential. Designer for a day is available in-person or virtually via our own video conference studio.

Designer for a day

the details

furniture placement

-we assess your current furniture and advise on new selections if desired.

window treatment advise and reccommendations

where to hang your art

what hardware to use in your kitchen

- You just moved and want to know how to make the most of your existing pieces, or want ideas on what new pieces to buy or have built.
- Feel stuck in your design and need expert advice.
- Have most of the design elements in place but it's just not coming together as you would like.
- Need someone to go shopping with you and guide you as you make selections.

this package is great for you:

We guide you through a buying situation that overwhelms you-such as choosing kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, or tile.

Guided shopping

that you have hired to work on your home to answer their questions with our expertise.

Tile/Countertop selection advice

designer for a day

the details

Our "day" with you will begin at 9 am and end at 2 pm. Fee is non-refundable and paid in advance to secure time slot. Can be rescheduled within 48 hrs notice dependent upon our availability. If your project is located more than 35 miles of our office (in relationship to the closest proximity to our LA or FL office respectively), additional travel fee of $75/hr could be assessed prior to consultation meeting.

in person: $1595
Virtual: $1295

meeting with tradesperson

of our meeting and recommendations made during meeting. Summary will be sent to you within 2 business days of the consultation.

written summary

real estate refresh


Ready to place your home on the market? Maybe it's already on the market, but not getting any bites? We meet with you and make our proven recommendations for changes that can help to freshen up your home and attract that perfect buyer.



Requires a discovery call

Is your home on the market and just not getting the attention you feel it deserves? Maybe you're about to place your home for sale and know that with a few updates you can get top dollar? We know homes and we know how to make the most strategic improvements that will cause your home to stand out in the competitive real estate market. Our team has "refreshed" our clients' homes for sale resulting in fast offers and top dollar. 

real estate refresh

the details

presentation ready

We lend our expert advice on what to keep and what to remove in preparation for your home's listing. 

budget Evaluation

Up to 3 hours in your home beginning with an extensive walk-through of your home with you discussing overall goals. 


We provide styling techniques to achieve the best photographs for your listing.

We discuss your preferred investment to implement improvements recommended for your home. 

We measure as needed, take notes and photos and begin the process of our specific recommendations for your home. 


If needed, we can provide contacts for specific work to be performed.


We bring our paint decks to recommend the best colors if needed. 

real estate refresh

the details

Fee is non-refundable and paid in advance to secure time slot. Can be rescheduled with 48 hours notice dependent upon our availability. Travel fee of $75/hr for projects located more than 35 miles from office. 

in person: $995
Virtual: $795

paint and color recommendations

of our meeting and recommendations made during meeting. Summary will be sent to you within 2 business days of the consultation.

written summary

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